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One Piece: Vegapunk Traitor Revealed! Unraveling the Web of Lies

In One Piece chapter 1078, the mystery of who betrayed Vegapunk was finally solved, and the reveal completely blindsided me! I don’t think many fans suspected this character in the least, myself included. 

The satellite of Vegapunk, York, also known as Greed, was the one who betrayed him. Vegapunk’s decision to split himself backfired in the worst possible way, as his creation turned out to be the traitor on Egghead Island.

One Piece: Vegapunk Traitor Revealed! Unraveling the Web of Lies
York | Source: Fandom

When Stella finds out the traitor’s identity, he looks mortified. It’s a tough pill to swallow, as he is the one who brought this monster to life.

I bet you’re curious about why York would even betray Vegapunk in the first place. Let’s delve deeper into her motivations and try to figure it out.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from One Piece (Manga).

From Ally to Enemy – Why did York betray Vegapunk? 

York’s demeanor shifted as she crouched down and looked Vegapunk dead in the eyes, boldly admitting to being the traitor. She has resorted to some questionable tactics to get what she wants.

For instance, she went as far as locking up the original Vegapunk and showed no hesitation in taking out Shaka.

York’s betrayal of Vegapunk was fueled by her desire to become a Celestial Dragon. In addition, she revealed her plan to destroy the other Vegapunks, stating that there should only be one of them. York’s goal is to be the sole Vegapunk in the world.

Each Vegapunk satellite has its unique trait, and York’s is greed. At first, I thought it was just a craving for food, but her desire runs way deeper than that.

Why does York want to become a Celestial Dragon?

Vegapunk thinks Celestial Dragons are terrible people, so it is confusing why York, being a part of him, would want to become one.

York’s encounter with the Celestial Dragons when Vegapunk and his crew visited Mariejois could have sparked her desire to become one of them. She saw how the Celestial Dragons live in luxury and decided she wanted in on that life! 

One Piece: Vegapunk Traitor Revealed! Unraveling the Web of Lies
Celestial Dragons | Source: Fandom

Living a rich, lazy, and entitled life does seem like a shallow purpose, but if greed is all that defines her, then it isn’t too far-fetched. She might want to have such power and all the perks that come with it.

Vegapunk thinks Celestial Dragons are the scum of the earth because they own slaves. But maybe York wants to be one so she can have an infinite supply of human test subjects.

I’m itching to know if there’s another reason why she’s so keen on joining them. Can’t wait to see how this storyline develops!

Dream or Delusion – Will York become a Celestial Dragon?

York might have struck a deal with the Gorosei to become a Celestial Dragon in exchange for revealing Vegapunk’s secrets. This is supported by a mysterious figure contacting the Gorosei about Vegapunk’s research on the Age of Void.

One Piece: Vegapunk Traitor Revealed! Unraveling the Web of Lies
Saint Saturn | Source: Fandom

On the other hand, it’s also possible that York wanted this war to happen, and her goal was to draw Saint Saturn out so she could negotiate with him or even hold him captive.

I don’t have high hopes for York becoming a Celestial Dragon. Whatever deal she thinks she’s getting, I have a feeling she’ll be in for a rude awakening.

The Egg-citing Story of How the Egghead Incident Occurred

Chapter 1078 of One Piece spilled the beans on how the Egghead events began three months ago.

The Egghead incident started with an anonymous caller tipping off the Gorosei and others that Vegapunk was digging into the Void Century. So, the World Government sent Cipher Pol ships to Egghead Island to check it out, but they found nothing.

Then, the Gorosei got another call, convincing them that Vegapunk was also studying the Poneglyphs. They ordered CP0 and the Marines to start a war on Egghead Island to bring him down.

This led to Kizaru, CP0, and multiple Vice Admirals being sent there, but then, the emperor of the sea Straw Hat Luffy and his gang unexpectedly showed up and messed things up for them.

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