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World’s End Harem: After World Manga Wraps Up with Chapter 47

When it comes to the ‘end-of-the-world’ theme, we have seen a lot of concepts and possibilities – human petrification, infertility, alien invasion, and even the eradication of an important part of the ecosystem.

‘World’s End Harem’ manga takes on the ‘eradication-of-men’ theme and displays a wor[…]

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World’s End Harem Confirms January Release Date of Censored Version

When World’s End Harem was first announced, many fans doubted their ears (or eyes). Why? Its explicit content did not really suit the usual anime broadcasting norms. Well, our fears came true when the series was withdrawn after airing a single episode on October 8, 2021. Yet, if you have been[…]

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World’s End Harem October 2021 Release, Trailer, and Latest Updates

“A silly male fantasy” is what the story author LINK admits to for the upcoming anime series, “World’s End Harem.” Some of the most bizarre and unimaginable plotlines can be found in the harem anime genre. World’s End Harem is no different with an interesting outlandish plot of only five males [.…]