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47th Kodansha Manga Awards’ Winners are Out! Skip and Loafer Bags a Prize

Kodansha has just announced the winners of its 47th Annual Manga Awards. Earlier, the nominees were introduced from the three categories of Shōnen, Shōjo, and General. These included titles from the past like ‘Skip and Loafer’ and ‘Shangri-La Frontier’. The winners of this year were announced[…]

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Dive into the VR World of ‘Shangri-La Frontier’ with its Anime and Game

No gamer would want to deal with faulty games full of glitches, but Shangri-La Frontier’s protagonist Rakuro is a madman who wants to ace them all. You’d think he’s a trouble-seeking character due to this trait, but it’s the opposite. All he wants is to master every trashy game out there[…]