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New Trailer for “Black Butler” Introduces the Members of Perfect Four

Black Butler is a great anime that balances dark and comedic themes with perfection. It’s been thirteen years since the last season of the anime aired, and fans were begging for the next season. The wishes of everybody finally came true when this anime was renewed for a fourth season. The recent[…]

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The Afterparty Cast & Character Guide: Recurring and new cast members

The second season of The Afterparty picks up two years after the first season’s events. Aniq, Zoe, and Detective Danner are back to investigate another murder, this time at the wedding of Zoe’s sister, Grace. The groom, Edgar, is found dead in his hotel room the morning after the wedding. Detecti[…]

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Anime Industry And Fans Mourn The Loss Of Black Butler Animator, Minako Shiba

Minako Shiba, the character designer behind the Black Butler anime, has passed away at around 50 years of age. Animators and character designers are the souls of the anime industry. They are the ones who bring to life, our favorite protagonists, villains, and every person in a series.

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How to Watch Black Butler anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Set in the Victorian era England, Black Butler is a supernatural Shonen anime with a touch of comedy. Unlike most anime, Black Butler effortlessly transitions between lighter and comedic themes to more somber ones without making it feel forced in any way. The characters are an absolute bundle of joy, and they will quickly make […]