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Studio Gonzo Debuts Horimiya’s OVA 5, 6 in May! The Cute Rom-Com Continues

Fans of the romantic anime genre are in for another treat as the 5th, and 6th OVAs of the Hori-san to Miyamura-kun manga will be releasing soon! Manga readers already knew about the series’ potential, and its recent anime adaptation proved just how good the series is. Studio CloverWorks has[…]

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Most Anticipated Anime Series and Movies of Winter 2021 Lineup!

The next season for anime release is up, and many well-known series are up on the charts. Winter 2021 anime lineup is no joke this time, and we doubt that otakus will be getting even a bit of rest this season. Some famous series will be getting their continuations while others will receive a[…]