Anime News Tora to Mike

Catch Felines Run An Eatery as Tora to Mike Short Anime Debuts in August!

As soon as I saw the anime’s announcement, I added Tora to Mike to my cute short anime watchlist. So if you swear by cute and aesthetic series with animals, then you need to keep an eye out for this one. With two shopkeeper cats as the protagonists, it melted my heart as soon as I saw its visual.

Anime News Ninja Senshi Tobikage

Discotek’s Last Call for 4 English Dubbed Episodes of “Ninja Robots” Anime

Most of today’s anime fans were not even born when Masami Anno’s mecha action-adventure anime “Ninja Senshi Tobikage (Ninja Robots)” originally aired back in 1985-86. Last year, Discotek Media announced that it would rerelease the English dub of the anime after almost 35 years of the show’s debut!