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Catch Felines Run An Eatery as Tora to Mike Short Anime Debuts in August!

As soon as I saw the anime’s announcement, I added Tora to Mike to my cute short anime watchlist. So if you live for cute and aesthetic series with animals, then you need to keep an eye out for this one.

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With two shopkeeper cats as the protagonists, it melted my heart as soon as I saw the visual.

Tora to Mike will be receiving a 24-episode short anime adaptation by studio Charaction. The episodes will be streamed from 5th August onwards on the official Twitter account of the anime!

Anime “Tora to Mike Official” site opened!

Along with that, we have also opened Twitter!

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A new visual has also been revealed for the upcoming short anime!

 Catch Felines Run an Eatery as Tora to Mike Short Anime Debuts in August!
Tora to Mike | Source: Official Website

The visual shows Tora and Mike, the two sisters who own a doteni shop in Nagoya. Tora, the older sister, is in charge of finances while Mike cooks and serves customers. 

You can expect some cute interactions with the equally adorable cat customers of the shop. Sprinkle in some sibling rivalry, and you have the perfect recipe for a short but satisfying anime.

The anime is being directed by Yuzo Yamamoto, whose past works include Mitchiri Wanko! Anima~tion, Don’t Call Us A JUNK GAME! and others.

Nekomaki, the upcoming series’ creator, has also authored other cat-based short manga like Cat and Grandpa and Mamaneko. 

Different corporations or organizations will be recruited to distribute the Tora to Mike anime. The tie-ups will also help the restaurants and organizations to continue operating despite the current conditions due to the pandemic.

In short, the series will be not only adorable but also utterly wholesome! I was desperately waiting for another anime like Inu to Neko and I guess my wish has finally been granted!

About Tora to Mike

Tora to Mike is a heartwarming series by Nekomaki. It will be getting a short anime adaptation in August 2021.

Tira and Mike, two sister cats, run a small doteni shop in Nagoya. At dusk, customers flock in to be greeted with an array of delicious food and sake.

Traditional Japanese food and heartfelt laughter will warm you from the inside out.

Source: Official Website

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