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Discotek’s Last Call for 4 English Dubbed Episodes of “Ninja Robots” Anime

Most anime fans today were not even born when Masami Anno’s mecha action-adventure anime “Ninja Senshi Tobikage” originally aired back in 1985-86.

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Last year, Discotek Media announced that it would rerelease the English dub of the anime after almost 35 years of the show’s debut!

Set in the twenty-third century, the anime tells the story of Joe, Mike, and Jenny who find themselves in an intergalactic adventure.

The trio must do everything they can to stop the catastrophic war in a universe filled with ninja robots, skilled mercenaries, and powerful enemies.

While fans are excited about the re-release of the show, there is one final hurdle!

Discotek Media has announced that four episodes of the English dub of the “Ninja Senshi Tobikage (Ninja Robots)” anime are still missing!

The entertainment company also revealed that it would release the incomplete version of the anime if the four episodes are not found. The following is a detailed list of the episodes that are still missing:

34Women Ninja-Red Shadow25 May 1986
37Growing Ambition15 June 1986
42Summary & Preface20 July 1986
43Limitless Milky Way27 July 1986

If anyone has any video footage or home recording of the episodes, they can contact Discotek. Also, the company is looking for better recordings of episodes 21-43 to improve the overall quality of the dub track.

Discotek had secured the license from Alexander Entertainment Company, CBS Television, and Anime Sols to distribute the anime in North America.

The company first issued a call for the episodes in December last year. Despite all the difficulties, fans expect that the entire English dub track of the anime will be compiled pretty soon!

The original Japanese version of the anime had 43 episodes and aired between October 1985 and July 1986.

If the upcoming re-release of the English sub fails to contain the four episodes, fans will miss out on several key scenes, including the show’s epic conclusion!

If that happens, the audience should consider checking out the original version with English subtitles.

Highly praised for its well-choreographed action sequences and science fiction elements, Ninja Senshi Tobikage is one of the most influential animes of the past century.

Discotek Media, which specializes in recovering retro shows from the past decades, has already done a tremendous job compiling the anime’s remaining episodes.

We sincerely hope that the company can find the lost episodes in time. Fans would not want to miss out on this epic space adventure!

Source: Official Website of Discotek Media

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