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What happens to Kisaki Tetta in Tokyo Revengers? Does he die?

Kisaki Tetta is the primary antagonist of Tokyo Revengers who’s indirectly responsible for more than half of the deaths in the series. Unlike other antagonists in the series, Kisaki uses his manipulation skills to achieve goals. He hasn’t faced any repercussions for his actions in the anime either […]

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Tokyo Revengers Recap: Everything You Need to know before Season 3

Tokyo Revenger’s Third season starts airing on October Third, so if you are a Toman fan as well and have been watching the anime from when it was released, you are bound to forget some of the plot points of the anime. Well, fear not, this recap will take you through the anime up until now. Brace yo…

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Eng-Dub for ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer’ S2 Now Streaming on Crunchyroll

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! anime is giving us thrilling episodes every week to compensate for making us wait almost ten years for new episodes. I know fans would love to argue that season 1 was better due to Sariel and Satan’s epic aerial battle. Let me remind you guys that the new season is[…]

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Does Chifuyu Die in Tokyo Revengers? Why Did Chifuyu Die?

Tokyo Revengers has ended season 1 spectacularly with the final episode leaving fans horrified, shocked and aching to get their hands on the manga. After we’d just recovered from the events of Bloody Halloween and the grief from losing our favorite mama’s boy, aka First Division Captain Baji, we’d[…]

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date, Every Detail to Know

Tokyo Revengers, the anime that we didn’t know we needed. 2021 is a blessing in disguise with Tokyo Revengers hitting the top charts since its release on April 11. Tokyo Revengers is based on the manga with the same name, written by Ken Wakui which shook the whole manga universe when it was […]