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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Tokyo Revengers Anime, Ranked!

Tokyo revengers is one of the biggest anime of 2021 and took the anime world by storm. It was novel, interesting and more importantly something based on the real-life experiences of the author. Wakui let us explore the delinquent world through his excellent storytelling abilities. Naturally, he puts an[…]

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Is South Terano stronger than Draken in Tokyo Revengers? 

Towering at a hulking height of 210 centimeters, South Terano can be easily considered one of the powerhouses in Tokyo Revengers. He made a strong impression on manga readers after he knocked down fighters like Waka, Benkei, and many others in the blink of an eye. But can the strongest fighter of […]

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How Did Draken die? Does Takemichi bring him back?

Draken, the former second in command of Toman, is a highly respected and loved the guy. He is somebody we all fell in love with instantly after his introduction. He was truly “do not judge the book based on its cover”.Towering at 185 cm, with his dragon tattoos, no one would expect this man to have the […]

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Where to Stream and What to Expect

Tokyo Revengers became a huge hit among the anime community after the release of season 1. The massive success of this series can be attributed to its unique storyline, which featured time-travel elements and high school gangsters. The highly-anticipated Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has finally started […]

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Tokyo Revengers Ep 24 Explained: Why Did Kisaki Call Takemichi “Hero”?

All of Takemichi’s progress in the first season came undone in a single episode. If you are frustrated with Takemichi’s trusting nature, then we have something in common. The moment Kisaki handed him the liquor after an “emotionally charged” monologue, I was screaming “DON’T DRINK IT” in my head.