Anime News The Legendary Hero is Dead!

Second Trailer for ‘The Legendary Hero Is Dead!’ Reveals Release Date

Not every story begins with the hero’s death for good. As an old threat begins to resurface, how will a new team of heroes fight back? The Legendary Hero Is Dead! will take you on a whole new adventure where a farmer boy has to take over the mantle of the dead hero. And that is going to be a crazy[…]

Caste Heaven Manga News

Caste Heaven, the Brutal Yaoi Manga, Receives its Last Volume After 7 Years

Caste Heaven, the yaoi manga, has made a name for itself for portraying a cruel ranking system in a high school. A game with cards determines the rank, and the king gets to rule over others while the target is everyone’s plaything. However, on closer observation, it is just portraying the way[…]