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Shin Ikki Tousen Teases Spring 2022 Release and Fresh MC with New Visual

Ikki Tousen, the series that won over hearts in the early 2000s, is back with another anime adaptation. After the franchise’s debut in 2000, it has spawned several spinoffs and sequels. The upcoming anime, Shin Ikki Tousen, is another such offshoot of the franchise. The new series will once[…]

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How To Watch Ikki Tousen? A Complete Watch Order Guide

Battles and dramas between high school students are a popular motif in anime, but when they are written with sexual overtones, we get an anime called Ikki Tousen. Ikki Tousen successfully presents a narrative with a bit more sense for an anime that falls within the ecchi anime category[…]

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Studio Arms (Ikki Tousen, Elfen Lied) Declares Bankruptcy

The anime industry looks like a glamourous world to the outsiders, but in reality, profits are less, and anime studios barely get by. Even though virtually, anime totals good earnings, studios get only a small percentage of it. Animators have to work for long hours with less pay, and the industry as a whole faces […]