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Strongest Main Characters in Anime

Anime has some of the most broken and overpowered characters compared to any other form of media. Gods, devils and other omnipotent beings are almost always included in the cast of any good anime. While some have immense physical strength, speed and amazing battle prowess, others have demonic [..]

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Bloody Vampire Classic, Hellsing, Receives Live-Action Film by John Wick’s Writer

Derek Kolstad, the John Wick franchise creator, has turned his eyes to the manga industry, and guess which series has caught his eyes? Hellsing, the bloody, vampirey goodness, is the series that Kolstad wants to explore! Hellsing is a classic vampire horror manga, and it turns out Kolstad is[…]

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Hellsing 2001 vs. Ultimate: Complete Watch Order Guide

Throughout the history of cinema and entertainment, vampires have taken many forms. From blood-thirsty monsters to glittering fairies, the many avatars of vampires always seem to draw a lot of attention towards them. Hellsing provides yet another take on these dreadfully enticing creatures. Alucard, one of the protagonists, is a callous vampire who hunts his […]