Anime News The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in a Different World as an Aristocrat

An Assassin Is Reborn Into Aristocracy In SILVER LINK’S July Anime

Let’s take a deep breath before reading this upcoming anime’s name. “The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat” (You can breathe out now) The light novel’s title explains its content to the best of its ability. An assassin with modern experience is born in[…]

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Diamond no Ace Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Visuals, Updates

Diamond no Ace Season 4 is one of the most looked forward to sequels by sports anime fans. After three successful installments, Diamond no Ace has kept fans on their edge ever since it ended in March 2020. Season 4 will most likely air around April 2022, although nothing has been announced yet. The series […]

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How to Watch Diamond no Ace anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Sports anime are one of the most endearing genres of anime if done right. Some of them depend on exaggerating a sport. Some use the sport as a medium to tell the story of a character or a group of characters, and some use sports as a plot device to tell a compelling character drama. […]

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Is Diamond No Ace Worth your Time? – A Complete Review

Diamond No Ace is a Japanese shōnen manga series based on the sport of baseball. It is written and illustrated by Yuji Terajima and published by Kodansha. The series follows the story of Eijun Sawamura who is given an offer by a baseball scout from Tokyo’s prestigious Seido High School. Eijun decides to accept the […]

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Top 10 Baseball Players in Diamond no Ace, Ranked!

Before watching Diamond no Ace, I didn’t appreciate the competitive skills and commitment that the athletes give into their work – whether that’s in professional sports or just in their everyday training. But slowly, as I continue to watch characters like Sawamura, Furuya, Hongō, and Narumiya grow throughout the series, my mind changes. When they […]

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Did Seidou High School ever reach and win the Nationals?

Diamond no Ace act Ⅱ just concluded with Seidou High School’s baseball team already playing in the West Tokyo Tournament. In the next season, due to being a seeded team, their first game will be against Yura Sougou. Winning this regional tournament will be Seidou’s first step towards acquiring the first place in the 90th […]

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Top 10 Must-Watch Baseball Anime Of All Time & Where To Watch Them!

Baseball is one of the most popular teams sports globally, which began in the early 18th century in England. Played with a bat and ball, baseball soon found its honor as the national sports of the United States in the 19th century. Besides its popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom, baseball became […]

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Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 212: Release Date, Scans, Recap

As Miyuki changes things up as he decides against the fastballs, the match is quite close, with only a single run difference between the teams. Let’s take a look at Diamond no Ace Act 2, Chapter 212 spoilers, release date, and time. 1. Chapter 212 Release Date Chapter 212 titled ‘Preparing to win’ of Diamond […]