Gaming News Resident Evil 4 Remake

Capcom Announces Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC Release Date

While the Resident Evil 4 remake was greatly appreciated for its improved graphics and more, many felt that the game was lacking in terms of quality gameplay content. Thankfully, the developers have figured out a solution for this fiasco, and it is one to watch out for! Capcom has officially[…]

Ace Attorney Anime Gaming News

Capcom Announces Collection of Final Three Main ‘Ace Attorney’ Games

There aren’t many games that take on legal battles and courtroom drama as its subject. ‘Ace Attorney’ game series not only carved a niche out of it but also made it exciting enough to become popular. For quite a long time, the franchise mainly released games on mobile and Nintendo consoles. In […]

Anime News Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness’s New Trailer Shows Claire and Leon’s Discord

Resident Evil, the series that has spawned a new world of zombies, is coming back with a 3D CG anime! The screams of terror are going to become a bit too real with Infinite Darkness. With the anime’s July release, Netflix is making sure that we get the terror-filled package as soon as possible.

Anime Capcom News

Capcom Pro Tour DELAYED Due To BLM Riots in the USA

The Capcom Pro Tour is undoubtedly one of the most significant e-sport events. Since 2014, this yearly event has attracted the attention of fighting game enthusiasts all over the world. Unfortunately, this year, the Capcom Pro Tour events were shifted to an online mode as large-scale social gatherings are prohibited. Doubling up on the delays, […]