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In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2: Release Date and Updates

Touya Mochizuki and his heavenly smartphone will return in April 2023 with a fresh look and new members to his expanding harem.The official website of In Another World With My Smartphone, or Isesuma to fans, disclosed the second season debut date on July 22, 2022, along with the news of[…]

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Twin Engine Launches Anime Studios: Bug Film and Scooter Films

From anime like Vinland Saga to Babylon and Golden Kamuy, the production house Twin Engine has given us many iconic series over the years. The company’s contribution to boosting the anime industry is very apparent. The company has become a popular name in the industry and has started setting[…

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Babylon Anime to Release an English Dubbed Version for its Western Audience

The best part about any detective show is understanding the culprit’s philosophy and how they justify their actions in a way that makes us makes us question the concept of “good and evil.” The best example of such a series is Moriarty the Patriot series, where we witness the mind […]