Babylon Anime to Release an English Dubbed Version for its Western Audience

The best part about any detective show is understanding the culprit’s philosophy and how they justify their actions in a way that makes us makes us question the concept of “good and evil.”

The best example of such a series is Moriarty the Patriot series, where we witness the mind games between Sherlock and Moriarty.

However, we don’t need to go as far as London to witness the perfect detective-culprit chase; there exists one right here in Tokyo.

Babylon is an underrated anime that follows a mentally unstable psychopath, Ai Magase, who defends her crimes as an act to make everyone happy.

Thanks to its wide popularity in the West, Babylon anime will be receiving an English dub soon. Sentai Filmworks has already revealed the new cast members for the dubbed version along with a brand-new trailer video. The anime will be released on Blu-ray Disc and digitally on May 11.

Babylon Official Dub Clip
Babylon Official Dub Clip

In the trailer, Magase calls Seizaki and confuses him with a bunch of strange wordplays regarding an RPG. Seizaki keeps her busy in the call while the team tracks her exact location.

Despite all the warnings, she commits another murder and manages to escape from the police.

But how long can she survive with such reckless actions? You can either watch it right away in Japanese or wait for the English dub release. The new voice cast includes some of the popular names of the voice acting industry.

CharactersEnglish CastOther Works
SeizakiDavid MatrangaShoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)
MagaseMaggie FlecknoeKana Kimishima (Parasyte –the maxim-)
KujiinScott GibbsTobio Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)
FumioHeath MorrowTsubaki Setagaya (Doreiku The Animation)
HantaGreg CoteRyunosuke Tanaka (Haikyuu!!)
MorinagaRob MungleSubaru Mimasaka (Food War!)
ItsukiAdam GibbsShinichi Izumi (Parasyte –the maxim-)

Judging from the glimpse of voice acting we got from the trailer, I must say that the voice actors did a pretty good job in stressing the seriousness of that situation.

Babylon Anime to Release an English Dubbed Version for its Western Audience
Babylon | Source: Fandom
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Moreover, the anime feels like an anime version of a Bond film, so it won’t be harmful to get the English experience.

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About Babylon

Babylon is a Japanese novel series written by Mado Nozaki and illustrated by Zain. A manga adaptation by Nobuhide Takishita was published in 2019, and an anime television series adaptation by Revoroot aired in 2019.

Zen Seizaki, a public prosecutor at Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, is investigating a case of illegal clinical research related to a drug company and a university.

During the investigation, he finds a file that Shin Inaba kept, including blood mixed with hair, skin, and a paper written with the letter F.

As he investigates, he realized there’s a hidden plot that is connected with a huge election as well as to a certain person who is in charge of it.


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