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Funimation Warns Fans of Streaming Issues as it Schedules Maintenance Date

Funimation, one of the biggest anime streaming platforms, is now a savior for us otakus. With a huge collection of anime series and films, the site has steady traffic everyday. Of course, even major sites encounter problems. As it stands, Funimation is currently striving to fix some of the[…]

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Funimation Acquires AnimeLab to the Discontent of the Aus-NZ Site’s Users

Fans in Australia and New Zealand are not happy now that their favorite anime streaming site, AnimeLab, is getting rebranded. It seems like Sony is out there on a hunt for all the major anime streaming services there are, and the fans are not taking any of it. After introducing anime streaming[…]

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Funimation And AnimeLab Set To Stream Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride depicts the classic case of rising to stardom! After producing the up and coming star, Nagase Mana, for years, Hoshimi Productions began scouting for new talents. Nagase Kotono, younger sister of Mana along with another singing aspirant, Kawasaki Sakura later become part of a girl […]