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Funimation And AnimeLab Set To Stream Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride depicts the classic case of rising to stardom! After producing the up and coming star, Nagase Mana, for years, Hoshimi Productions began scouting for new talents. Nagase Kotono, younger sister of Mana along with another singing aspirant, Kawasaki Sakura later become part of a girl […]

Anime Idoly Pride News

Music Anime Idoly Pride to Premiere on January 10, 2021!

Idoly Pride is a sensational anime about Kotono and her friend, Sakura hoping to become idols, like Kotono’s famous idol sister, Mana. With a story full of music, rivalry, and guts to be the Number 1, who will remain on the stage and who will fall? The anime explores the trainees and […]

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Idoly Pride: Release Date, Visuals and News

If the recent year had been about isekai anime, the coming years would be filled with idol anime!  From Idolish7, Aikatsu, to [email protected], there are many seasons yet to come. Idoly Pride is a new anime, a multimedia project that includes several idol units, under CAAnimation.  Let’s see when is it releasing. 1. Release Date […]