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86 -Eighty Six- Anime Reveals Yet Another Delay with Ep 19 as New Victim

Although the second cour of 86 -Eighty Six- had received a positive response from fans, the constant delay of episodes is dampening the enthusiasm. The precarious situation between the Legion and the Republic is being suspended time and again due to these delays as various production issues[…]

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First 5 Minutes of Summer Ghost Movie Released

Let’s face, it at some point in our lives, we’ve all wished for an unforgettable supernatural experience with our friends. Summer Ghost is all set to premiere on November 12, 2021 and has released the first five minutes of its film! You must know loundraw from his beautiful artwork on novels like Yoru […]

86 -Eighty Six- Manga News

86’s High School Comedy Spinoff Manga Comes to An End

Lena might be an elite major in the main story, but she is just another high school student in 86: Operation High School manga. The alternate story takes place in an almost heavenly setting compared to the 86 world, but her time in peace has come to an end. The spinoff imagines a world where[…]