Anime Godzilla: Singular Point Netflix News

Godzilla Singular Point Reveals a Spine-tingling Poster Featuring the Sinister Creature for March 25

We are all pretty hyped up for Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point anime, and questions like “When will the anime premiere?” and “Will be only limited to Netflix Japan?” keep coming into our minds. Thankfully, we don’t have to scratch our heads anymore; Netflix has cleared all our doubts and […]

Anime Godzilla: Singular Point News

Godzilla: Singular Point’s New Monster Design by Ghibli Artist!

Godzilla, the King of Monsters, is back with a new design to scare us! The Godzilla franchise is a nostalgic one. It may not bear pleasant memories for everyone, though, as some of us have cowered in fear during the night after watching the movies. (You know who you are) With Godzilla coming[…]