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Godzilla Fights More Than Just the Military in Godzilla Singular Point’s 3rd Trailer

Tremors in the city, giant footprints on land, and an echoing roar. These descriptions ring any bells? Yes! I am talking about the giant monster named Godzilla.

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By now all you are probably aware that Godzilla will be making its anime comeback with Godzilla Singular Point anime coming this April.

Godzilla Singular Point’s official website has unveiled the third PV for the anime releasing on April 1 on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, and Sun TV. While Netflix Japan will be premiering the anime on March 25th.

TVアニメ『ゴジラ S.P<シンギュラポイント>』PV第3弾/OPテーマ:BiSH「in case...」/毎週木曜TV放送中
Official Trailer of Godzilla

The trailer finally reveals a full view of Godzilla appearing from a thick veil of red mist and terrorizing Japan. We also find Mei and Yun, our two protagonists of the anime trying their very to stop the giant beast’s devastation.

The cast for the anime includes:

CharacterCastOther Works
Mei KaminoYume MiyamotoTelmina (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear)
Yun ArikawaShoya IshigeYusaku (Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS)
Habery KatoTaro KiuchiShingo Takasugi (Captain Tsubasa)
Goro OtakiWataru TakagiGenta Kojima (Detective Conan)
JungRie KugimiyaKagura (Gintama)
Satomi KanaharaAyako TakeuchiMasao (Captain Tsubasa)

If you think Godzilla is the only monster in the anime, then think again. The PV shows a variety of monsters from Titanosaurus, insect like creature – Kumonga, and the robot Jet Jaguar.

While some of the monsters are seen attacking innocent people, others are seen attacking Godzilla. Who is good and who’s evil? We can only find out after release.

The trailer also showcases a snippet of idol group BiSH’s opening theme song for Godzilla Singular Point titled “in case…”.

Seems like 2021 is seeing a lot of Godzilla related content. Each of them share a common theme of featuring the giant monster Godzilla, while each focusing on a different story altogether.

Godzilla Singular Point shows the struggle of two genius engineers Mei and Yun as they try to stop Godzilla from devastating Japan.

Whatever Godzilla’s goal might be, I can just say we are all in for 13 episodes of action and adventure!!

About Godzilla

The concept of Godzilla emerged from the 1954 film by Ishiro Honda. It was then featured in films by TOHO.

Godzilla Fights More Than Just the Military in Godzilla Singular Point’s 3rd Trailer
Godzilla | Source: Fandom

Godzilla is a huge monster that plagues human lives. It is almost indestructible and wreaks havoc over humanity.

Every media has portrayed the story of Godzilla in a different way and its story has been tweaked each time.

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