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Will Nova be in the MCU? – Everything you should know

Marvel is seeking for an actor to portray MCU’s Richard Rider.

The news is that Kevin Feige and the team is looking for an actor to play Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Feige is meeting a 20’s something actor who has starred in a Christopher Nolan movie amongst others. A few names are in under consideration, two of them being Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles.

The rumors around Nova have been along for a long time. Nova was expected to make an appearance in Avengers: Endgame in the last epic battle. The Russo Brothers even joked about his presence in the third act of the movie.

The Nova corps appeared in the Guardians of Galaxy series in the MCU and were destroyed by Thanos off-screen. Thanos Decimated Xandar, the home of Nova Corps in the hunt of Power stone.

Who is Richard Rider?

Nova corps are Intergalactic Police force appearing in the Marvel Comics.
Richard Rider is another bullied school teenager who was chosen by Rhomann Dey – the last member of Nova Elite Corp and inherited his powers.

Nova further became a Marvel Hero and joined along with the many adventures of Spider-Man and other superheroes. The powers of Nova include super-strength, flight, and energy projections. Nova is like the Marvel counterpart to DC’s Green Lantern.

How Can Nova be Introduced in the MCU?

Thanos and his Black Order decimated Xandar, the home of Nova Corps and retrieved the Power Stone. A similar event happened to Nova Corps in the comics when they were destroyed by the Annihilation Wave and Richard Rider was the sole survivor.

MCU could mould the things bit and follow the blueprint of the comic book origins. Marvel can also go for some new multiverse concept.

Marvel may reveal some critical updates about Nova at D23 this year. The event has already begun and lots of new characters are coming to the MCU. Stay tuned!!

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