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Will Lemillion Die? Will He Regain His Quirk?

Before the year came to a close, My Hero Academia left its fans shattered after one of U.A High School’s Big Three was brought down in an intense confrontation with Overhaul. As one of the top three heroes of the school, Mirio Togata aka Lemillion, was able to fight neck-to-neck with the daunting villain – Overhaul. Before Izuku, Mirio/Lemillion was one of the top contenders for the One for All quirk.

In the 11th episode of the recent season, he proved himself worthy of the quirk and the title of a hero. His concern for Eri pushes him to shield her from Quirk Destroying Bullets but at the cost of his own quirk and his future. This event has left everyone wondering if Lemillion is going to die. Also, will he ever regain his quirk?

I’ll be drawing inferences and facts from the manga to substantiate the answers to these questions. Even so, THERE ARE NO MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE MANGA.

1. Quick Answer

Mirio Togata aka Lemillion does not die. The manga has progressed further, yet Lemillion has not regained his quirk. But the anime and the manga have hinted towards this possibility. It is only a matter of when rather than ‘if’.

Mirio Togata vs. Kai Chisaki - Mirio sacrifices his Quirk to protect Eri [60 FPS 1080p]
Lemillion vs Overhaul

2. Will Lemillion die?

Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion, does not die after his fight with Kai Chisaki or in the foreseeable future. The fight led him to be severely injured and deprived him of his Quirk, yet he manages to survive and recover. But does “Lemillion” the hero die?

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No. Mirio holds on to his dream of becoming a hero that saves a million lives as his hero title implies (Lemillion). His brave act where he sacrificed his quirk to save Eri will remain a hallmark of his heroism. He only takes a temporary leave of absence from U.A High School to recover.

3. Will Lemillion regain his quirk?

My Hero Academia is currently in chapter 255. So far there are no signs of Lemillion regaining his quirk. Yet, we believe that Lemillion might regain his quirk in the future or at least fulfil his dream of becoming a hero. The basis for this belief is on three grounds. 

A. Sir Nighteye’s Final Words to Mirio

One of the strongest factors of Mirio’s perseverance through his ordeal is his mentor’s final words to him. After the Shie Hassaikai’s arc, many survive but to everyone’s dismay, a casualty did remain by the end. Sir Nighteye succumbed to the wounds inflicted by Kai. But before he did so, he uses his quirk one final time for his pupil Mirio. Sir Nighteye possesses the quirk called Foresight where he’s able to see a person’s future via physical contact.

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The manga or anime does not reveal what Sir Nighteye sees yet Mirio’s future puts a smile on his face. Sir Nighteye tells Mirio he will become an outstanding hero and advises him not to change the future. He further advises him to keep smiling – these words probably resonated with Mirio on a deeper level and is one of the roots for his optimism. It cannot be determined whether Sir Nighteye saw Mirio regain his quirk but he does establish that in one way or another, Mirio will become an outstanding hero.

B. Eri’s Quirk

Another reason for Mirio’s belief that he’ll become a hero again is Eri’s quirk. If there’s anyone who can help Mirio regain his Quirk, it’s Eri. Eri holds the Rewind Quirk where she’s able to rewind a person’s bodily state to a past state. The existence of her quirk is the cause of her bane.

Eri - My Hero Academia

Mirio and Eri hold an immense amount of affection and care for each other – Mirio sacrifices his own quirk to save Eri, and Eri would undoubtedly do anything to help bring Mirio back on track. The only drawback is that Eri has not learnt how to control her Quirk. When Izuku offers to give Mirio One for All, Mirio refuses it and reassures him that once Eri gets control of her quirk – she’ll be able to restore him to a point where he had his Quirk.

It is imperative that Eri learns to control her quirk as the properties of her quirk show high damage in case it’s used improperly. She has shown abilities to rewind a person’s body to a state in which it didn’t even exist. Due to her inability to control the consistency of her powers, she is put under the guidance of Aizawa to help with that. Her training will be fruitful in many ways – for Mirio’s future and her mental well-being.

C. The Antidote Serum

Another possibility is that of the heroes finding the antidote serum that Overhaul had created as part of his scheme to manipulate his victims. An antidote was created but the possibilities of finding it are quite slim. The whereabouts of the serum are unknown especially after the League of Villains ambushed Kai’s escorts to Tartarus. Either they’ve been destroyed in the scuffle or they’ve been packed away in a storehouse in some unknown location.

It is definitely worth taking the chance simply because the alternative is unacceptable. There are even possibilities of future scientists who are able to counter the effects of the Quirk Destroying Drug – this would require the consent of Eri to study her blood. The future holds many possibilities and bright minds are emerging quickly.

4. What was Mirio’s Quirk & How did he lose it?

Mirio’s quirk was of Permeation where he’s able to phase through things and even living beings. Despite that, he still holds immense speed, strength and durability that allows him to stand his ground even without his quirk. During the intense confrontation between Kai and him, one of the Yakuza lackeys Shin Nemoto comes up with a plan to bring down Mirio.

will lemillion die or regain his quirk
Mirio beats UA class 1-A

Shin was able to determine how much Mirio cares about Eri and saving people. He decides to shoot the Quirk Destroying Bullet at Eri betting strongly on the fact that Mirio would put himself between the bullet and Eri. And that was exactly how it played out. The success rate of this plan was high and the risk too. If he didn’t believe Mirio would step in, the bullet could have destroyed Eri’s own Quirk or harmed her which would bring his boss’s plan to the ground.

The loss of Lemillion is a tough one to recover from but the future does look brighter for Lemillion. We hope to see Lemillion back soon!

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5. About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia outlines the journey of a young Quirkless kid in becoming the number one Hero of the world. Izuku Midoriya is devastated by the news of his quirklessness and his withering dream of becoming a hero like his idol All Might – the number one Hero. Despite the lack of a Quirk, Izuku isn’t devoid of heroism. During a dangerous incident, Izuku displays a feat of bravery and compassion that grabs the attention of All Might. This marks the start of his journey in the world of heroes and villains.

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