Thor: Love & Thunder Updates

Thor: Love and Thunder will begin filming in New South Wales, Australia on August 2020, and a few of our favorite characters are returning. Kevin Feige announced the movie titles including Thor: Love and Thunder, along with the other movies for MCU’s phase 4. Well, after the marvelous (saw what I did there!?) event of SDCC 2019, we have some new updates on this movie.

The movie is in the production phase and will begin filming in 2020. Taika Waititi will be returning as the director after the massive success of Thor: Ragnarok. Well, the news is that Gorr the God Butcher will be the villain for the movie and our favorite CGI character Korg will get a more prominent role. We will get to that later, but let me update you on the Thor lore.

How Thor became the most likable and funny character from the most boring one?

In 2017, Thor: Ragnarok sprung into theatres, under the direction of Taika Waititi. The movie chronicled Thor’s attempt to save his people from Hela, his overpowered villainous sister. Thor also attempts to make his way out of the dump planet Sakaar along with his brother Loki, (who is not dead… again!) and old friend Bruce Banner.

New characters like Valkyrie and lovable aliens Korg and Meik also appeared. Taika Waititi infused some much-needed life and comedy into the movie and Ragnarok was welcomed by fans with much admiration. Post Ragnarok, Thor made Earth his new home and that’s where he faced Thanos. He loses his people, Loki(this time for real) and much more in the events after Ragnarock.

A lost Thor now plans to avenge Lokis’ death and after Endgame, he is the only original Avenger standing. Finally, he joins the Guardians of Galaxy to fight across the universe. Waititi’s humor and comedic sense of direction made him the best choice for Thor 4.

After the SDCC 2019, we have now got some critical updates on Thor: Love and Thunder

The title suggests that our hero will look for some romance in the movie along with lots of thunder. The release date of the movie as for now is 5 November 2021, making it the last film of Phase 4.

What do we know about the character right now?

The movie is itself possible because of Chris Hemsworths’ keen interest in playing Thor again. Chris has served his fans faithfully in the last few films serving great comedic relief in such potentially dense movies. The emotional and light-hearted performance of Chris Hemsworth shows he more than capable of playing Thor in upcoming movies.

To no surprise, Tessa Thompson will be returning as the fierce Valkyrie. She will be the first bisexual character in the MCU. Jane Foster too, played by Natalie Portman, will be returning as female Thor. The latest update says that Korg will have a much more significant role in the upcoming film and Gorr – The God Butcher will be the new bad guy.

Thor is one of the most popular superhero characters, and we expect Taika Waititi to give us a blast again with his unique style.

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