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Teen Titans Review: Is It Good & Worth Watching?

The superhero genre is littered with many interesting teenage superheroes and quirky sidekicks. They are rarely able to step out of the bigger heroes’ shadows and develop their characters and stories. This wasn’t the case with Teen Titans.

Teen Titans initially aired in 2003 on Cartoon Network and focused on a team of five crime-fighting teenage superheroes. The show focused on character development and combined serious themes with wise-cracking humor. The characters and story made it one of the most critically acclaimed shows of the superhero genre.

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1. Quick Review

Teen Titans re-defined superhero shows for kids by giving the people memorable characters and a great storyline.  The colorfully animated series was a breath of fresh air as it showed teenagers being teenagers. The characters are grounded and focus on protecting the city from various threats.

Teen Titans has no adult supervisor detailing missions and monitoring the superheroes, which makes the show more authentic. The heroes step up and realize their responsibilities while combining wacky humor with more profound themes.

2. Info

Teen Titans

Air Date: July 19, 2003 Status: Finished Studio: Cartoon Network , WB Kids No. of Seasons: 5 No. of Episodes: 66
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3. Is It Worth Watching?

The origins of the Teen Titans team can be traced to the DC universe. The Titans are not influenced by the presence of any superior characters and follow their plotlines.  They are at the center of this show and are not regarded as sidekicks. A show that was prematurely cancelled, this is one of the best cartoons to air on Cartoon Network.

I. Plot

Teen Titans was developed for television by Glen Murakami and Sam Register and is based on the DC Comics of the same name. The series revolves around a team of five teenage superheroes who battle crime and villains in Jump City. They reside in a building shaped like a giant T, which is known as Titan Tower.

An action and adventure animated series the show spans 66 episodes split over five seasons. The average life of the teenagers, their friendships, and the pressure on the shoulders are also depicted along with the superhero side. The Titans mingle with the city’s citizens and are not living as recluses like the other heroes of the DC universe.

Teen Titans Review
Teen Titans | Source: Cartoon Network

II. The Titans

The team comprises of five superheroes, all of whom have different powers and personalities.

The leader of the team is Robin, an awesome and cool kid with an underlying emotional side. The creators gave him stylish hair, glasses, and metal-tipped shoes to make the character cool for the kids watching.

Robin has no superpowers of his own and can make critical strategic decisions in the heat of the battle. He is the serious and grounded member of the group who is always looking out for his teammates, whom he considers family.

Starfire is a girl from another planet whose powers are linked to her emotions. She had to flee her home when it was ravaged and has a hard time adapting to Earth’s culture and learning English. She can fly and shoot star bolts from her hands.

She is the heart of the group and is incredibly expressive about her emotions. She was a positive role model for young girls and also went through puberty during the show.

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Teen Titans Characters | Source: Cartoon Network

Beast Boy is the immature clown of the group who always has an arsenal of knowledge. He can morph into several different animals and has a strong sense of loyalty towards the team. He is the youngest of the group and is treated like the little brother of the family.

Cyborg is the muscular, jacked-up member of the group whose body is a mixture of flesh and machinery. He is the tech expert of the group and is also black. The show uses him to explore themes of racism and paralysis.

Raven is the fifth and final member of Teen Titans. She is the goth teenager who is haunted by the sins of her father Trigon. He is an inter-galactic demon who uses Raven to trigger the apocalypse.

She has the power of telekinesis, and her emotions and fears can manifest as beings. This is why she tries to maintain her cold and uncaring exterior.

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4. Grade


Story: A

Cinematography/Animation: A

Music: A-

Direction: A-

5. Final Thoughts

Teem Titans is an integral part of people’s childhoods during the early 2000s. It is a fantastic show that is animated brilliantly with exceptional characters. The series gave kids a glimpse into adulthood and focused on several serious themes that generated a fanbase of older teens.

The Teen Titans franchise has received positive reviews across the board and has led to many games, toys, and comics. A spinoff series titled Teen Titans Go! Was also launched featuring a different animation style and focusing on the character’s personal lives.

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