Anime News The Marginal Service

New Promo For The Marginal Service Reveals Opening Song and Release Date!

After Buddy Daddies and Technoroid: Overmind, prepare yourselves for another original anime series. And this one promises to be as action-packed as the currently ongoing shonen anime. A new hero team that fights with strange creatures wearing hard hats and harem pants will arrive this spring. On[…]

Anime Hunter x Hunter Manga

HxH: Togashi’s Nen Charts – Nen Typing, Proficiency, Explained!

If you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan, you’re likely aware of a certain Nen chart that’s been making rounds over the internet – thought to be redefining the entire Nen power system. During the end of October, 2022, Togashi released a memo consisting of two charts, the first a Nen Type Chart that […]

Anime News The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

Tensai Ouji Introduces Prince’s Support Staff in New PV

Imagine the audacity of your people when you they burden you with the responsibility of the whole kingdom when you just want to live a peaceful life. Well, that’s what is expected of Prince Wein in the upcoming The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt anime, but to achieve his[…]