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Why Does Marley Want the Founding Titan?

Prosperity. Civilization. Authority. The nation of Marley has everything. Even if they are behind in developing the latest tech gadgets, the nation did a wonderful job to sustain their powers around the world! But where do you all think these influences are coming from? Well, it’s their drive to seek the Founding Titan, of course! […]

Attack on Titan Manga News

Attack On Titan Manga Is Only 1-2% Away From Ending

Attack on Titan’s final chapter is approaching sooner than we expected. Although the finale has been creeping upon us steadily, it is still hard to imagine the absence of our favorite dark and gory manga. Chapter 134 of Attack on Titan was recently released, and the destruction unleashed by[…]

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Zoids Wild Senki: New Battle CG Anime Slated For Fall Premiere

Zoids Wild is an anime series based on the Zoids model kits produced by an entertainment company, Takara Tomy. Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics magazine announced in its October issue that the Zoid Wild franchise’s battle CG anime “Zoids Wild Senki” is set for a fall premiere in 2020. The series[…]

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How to Watch Zoids anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Originating from a line of model kits by Tomy, Zoids has come a long way since its humble beginning. The anime is 20 years old and still has a sizeable amount of fan-following in both Japan and in the West. The series is based on biomechanical organisms called Zoids that are trained by humans and are…