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Zeke’s Euthanization Plan: The Most Peaceful Solution?

The conflict in Attack on Titan is more about clashing ideologies than the battle between titans, and Zeke’s euthanization plan is one of the most controversial topics in the series. Many of us were left stunned and conflicted by his plan to sterilize all Eldians forcibly and end their race. 

Of all the options, Zeke’s plan was the most peaceful way to end everything. On the one hand, it would have resulted in the deaths of all Eldians, but on the other hand, it would have been much less destructive than Eren’s plan of stomping over 80% of humanity. 

Zeke's Euthanization Plan: The Most Peaceful Solution?
Zeke | Source: IMDb

However, we have to consider the aftermath. Even if all Eldians were ridden of their balls, there’s a good chance that Marley would still attack and kill them. Plus, even if they avoided Marley’s aggression, they would still have to grow old in misery. 

Let’s get into an in-depth examination of the consequences of Zeke’s plan and compare it to Eren’s rumbling. 

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Attack on Titan (anime).

1. What was Zeke’s Euthanization Plan?

Zeke’s plan involved using the powers of the founding titans to alter the DNA of all Eldians, which would have resulted in them being forcibly sterilized. He argued that this was necessary to prevent the problem of the titans in the world and the immense suffering that future Eldians would have experienced.

The plan caught us off guard, and even the characters were like, “what’s going on in this guy’s head?” To understand that, we needed to dig into his past a bit.

Zeke grew up in a Marley camp, which meant a rough life. As a kid, he only wanted his parents’ love and attention, but they were too focused on saving the Eldians to give him any. So poor Zeke was left feeling ignored and alone.

Zeke's Euthanization Plan: The Most Peaceful Solution?
Attack On Titan

Grisha put this crazy idea in Zeke’s head that he would save everyone and become a hero for the Eldians. And that idea stuck with Zeke his entire life and influenced his decisions.

Eventually, with Tom Ksaver’s persuasion, he even betrays his parents by turning them in for scheming against Marley. He thought Eldians were cursed, and their existence led to suffering. He believed they couldn’t even exist without being in constant agony. It was a dark outlook, but it made sense considering everything he had been through.

2. Is The Rumbling a Better Alternative Compared to Zeke’s Plan?

Eren and Zeke had totally opposite plans – Zeke wanted to sterilize all Eldians, while Eren wanted to save only Paradis Eldians by destroying the rest of the world. Both methods were very messed up and would’ve caused massive destruction and death.

Zeke's Euthanization Plan: The Most Peaceful Solution?
Eren And Zeke | Source: Fandom

When you think about it from Eren’s perspective, it’s understandable why he would want to fight back. If everyone in the world wants to kill you and your people, what other options do you have? Would you rather sit back and let your entire race die or try to take out the rest of the world?

It’s not as simple as black and white. None of the methods presented in the story were clearly right or wrong. Depending on whether a character is on Paradis or Marley, they might have a different opinion on which plan is the lesser of two evils.

3. Could Zeke’s Plan be Considered Correct?

Zeke’s plan was wrong in every way, and he caused a ton of pain and suffering in his desperate attempt to achieve his goal. The idea of mass euthanasia he pushed was cruel, and his past can’t excuse the fact that he was hurting the current generation of Eldians. 

By forcing an entire race not to have kids, he did the same as his father, who forced his idea of the “Eldian Hero” onto Zeke. Sure, some people don’t like kids, but others base their happiness on having a family. 

Zeke's Euthanization Plan: The Most Peaceful Solution?
Attack on Titan | Source: Fandom

Instead of trying to help the Eldians that were alive at that time, Zeke was only making things worse for them. He had a rough upbringing, and I could understand why he thought that way, but it wasn’t the right approach.

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4. About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga began serialization on September 9th, 2009, and ended on April 9, 2021. It has been compiled into 34 volumes.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled within three concentric walls to protect themselves from the terrifying titans that prey on them. Eren Yeager is a young boy that believes that a caged life is similar to that of cattle and aspires to go beyond the walls one day, just like his heroes, the Survey Corps. The emergence of a deadly Titan unleashes chaos.

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