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New Trailer Out for Upcoming Pokémon Series! Cast & Staff Revealed

We are now just three episodes away to watch the curtain fall on Ash Ketchum’s journey. So many adventures and encounters in his path gave us a vivid look at the world of pokémon. And we would still get to experience more, even with Ash bidding us farewell. As previously announced, the new[…]

Anime By The Grace Of The Gods News

‘By the Grace of the Gods’ Season 2 Set for an Early 2023 Release

By the Grace of the Gods, Ryoma got another chance at life, this time with an overpowered skill set and no hardships. You’re completely wrong if you thought this was just another isekai where the Gods summon a hero to save them. Instead of following the norm, this features a protagonist who is[…]

Anime Elfen Lied Watch Order

How to Watch Elfen Lied anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Elfen Lied is a paradise for edgy teen anime-viewers. Bipolar disorder, grotesque violence, and nudity; these elements combined, form the borderline-hentai world of Elfen Lied. The anime has messy pacing and plotline but nonetheless does a great job of keeping the audience engaged. Ideally, it seems like the show is aimed at viewers who find […]