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Arifureta’s OVA Promo Video Teases Return of the Prequel Hero Oscar Orcus

Hailed as the best harem-isekai yet, Arifureta has resolved to keep spoiling its fans with more anime content. After a fantastic season 2, the franchise has announced an OVA for this year. The second season was nothing short of thrilling, hilarious, and hair-raising. In a satisfying conclusion[…]

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Arifureta Season 2: Release Date, Visual, Trailer And More

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest, an anime unique even in the isekai genre, is coming back for another epic season. The anime is adapted from a popular web novel written and illustrated by Ryo Shirakome. Having such good roots, Arifureta is bound to be a famous isekai anime series.

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Who Does Nagumo Hajime End Up With?

Who would ever thought that weak-willed and flailing Nagumo Hajime will be a ladies’ man in Arifureta? Sure, he started out as an otaku student, but look at where he is now and all the women that flocked to his side as the anime progresses. His popularity surged when he obtained power in the series. […]