Nostalgic Trailer for Arifureta Confirms Season 3 Production

Arifureta gave us a finale worth the wait in season 2 when Nagumo stopped Eri and the others, eventually delaying Ehit’s evil schemes. This feat gained him the trust of his classmates and others from the Heiligh Kingdom.

Nagumo is off on another adventure, but this time with more help, all thanks to him saving the kingdom without dire consequences. However, will these allies really be useful for what awaits the protagonist?

The answer lies in Arifureta anime’s third season, which has been confirmed by a trailer reminiscing the previous ones.

TVアニメ「ありふれた職業で世界最強」3rd season制作決定!
TV anime “Arifureta Shogaku de Sekai Saikyo” 3rd season production decision!

From the time he became the white-haired anti-hero to the point where he fought a brutal battle against Noint, the trailer shows it all. It also summarizes Nagumo and his party clearing the Great Labyrinths.

After showing the heroes clearing the Divine Mountain labyrinth and Noint’s defeat, the video moves to their next challenge. It teases the Haltina Labyrinth located in the Grand Tree ‘Uralt.’

If you remember, in season 1, during Shea’s introduction, the rabbit-men take him to Uralt as the labyrinth was mentioned in Oscar’s library. Nagumo saw that he needed to clear the other labyrinths to enter this one, and Shea’s tribe decided to protect the tree until his return.

Now, it’s been a long time since they met the Haulia tribe, and they are not the same timid rabbits they used to be. As the trailer and the visual suggest, the Haulia tribe has become skilled fighters while Nagumo was busy.

\ 3rd season production decision ✨ /

――The “strongest” starts moving again!

Announcement visual lifted ✨

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In the visual, you can see Nagumo and Yue walking with shadows of dangerous-looking Haulia behind them. Even in the trailer, the rabbit-men seem to be under someone’s control and ready to kill Nagumo and his party.

The upcoming season looks promising, with many characters returning and a new labyrinth and kingdom to explore.

Although the franchise is yet to decide on a date, I suspect we’ll be getting the season in next year’s Q4.

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About Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is a light novel series by Ryo Shirakoma. It was first published in November 2013 as a novel and received a light novel in 2015. It has several manga adaptations and season 1 of its anime premiered in July 2019.

Hajime Nagumo, an average otaku, is often bullied by his classmates. He wishes for his annoying classmates to be summoned to another world. Little did he know that his wish would come true, and he would be summoned along with them.

To thrive in this new world, he has to face every challenge that comes his way. However, a shocking event will make him a character feared by others.

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