Age 12 Manga News

A New Romance Manga is on the Horizon by the Author of ‘Age 12’ Manga

Nao Maita, the renowned manga artist known for his emotionally charged narratives that blend comedy and romance, is set to launch a new series in July. Fans can expect a romantic theme in this upcoming series. Nao’s previous work, ‘Age 12,’ has received numerous awards, including Best Children […]

Anime K-On! Watch Order

How To Watch K-On? Easy Watch Order Guide

K-On! is a slice-of-life show with cute anime girls in a musical band who spend most of their time eating cakes and sipping tea, yet have an uncanny ability to perform flawlessly during concerts. K-On! anime has 2 seasons with 39 episodes in total. There are 4 specials and one movie that serve […]