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Titans Season 3 Updates: Filming to Resume Right After Lockdown

Titans, the latest DC Universe story, is set to start filming the same day coronavirus lockdowns lift, the show’s creator Akiva Goldsman assured recently. The first original series to debut on DC’s streaming platform, Titans, had a surprisingly dull first season. However, season 2 was where the show found itself and its fans. But now, […]


Titans Renewed For Season 3 On DC Universe

The second season of Titans is racing towards the end and it’s time to wonder about the future of the series. The DC gods have spoken and we are officially getting a third season of this young superhero show. DC Universe and Warner Bros Television announced today that Titans season 3 is officially happening, with the renewal coming alongside […]

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Brenton Thwaites Confirms Nightwing Will Be In Titans Season 2

The second season of Titans is streaming on Netflix and things seem to be going well for this show. Season one of Titans had some glitches and it took some time to make its way onto the list of fan favourites. The inaccuracy of the character and changes were the most significant issues highlighted by […]

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How Attack on Titan is going to end?

Attack on Titan is an anime that follows humanity after it has isolated itself in three concentric walls to protect itself from Titans. Eren Yeager, our protagonist, dreams of going beyond the walls and thus, begins his journey to fight for humanity’s freedom against the Titans. With Attack on Titan at the brink of its […]