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Brenton Thwaites Confirms Nightwing Will Be In Titans Season 2

The second season of Titans is streaming on Netflix and things seem to be going well for this show. Season one of Titans had some glitches and it took some time to make its way onto the list of fan favourites. The inaccuracy of the character and changes were the most significant issues highlighted by critics. Things ultimately worked out but we didn’t see Dick Grayson transforming himself into Nightwing.

The comic counter-part of Dick Grayson sheds the identity of Robin and chooses to follow his own heroic path. It was jarring for the fans to not see Robin turning into Nightwing in the live-action adaptation.

However, to their credit, the Titans director and creative team do respond to fans and their constant pleading. Nightwing will appear in the show sometime soon and the actor Brenton Thwaites himself confirmed the news,

“I find the Nightwing costume is easier to get into character, for sure. The Robin one, maybe because there was so many pieces, so many elements of it, you kind of get covered up too much emotionally. I don’t know if that’s … Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe we should try and analyze this, but the Nightwing costume, although it does cover me up, it feels quite revealing, and I think that’s a good thing for Dick Grayson in that point of the story is that he’s found who he is and he’s revealing himself to people”.  Brenton Thwaites said.

It is nice to see Teen Titans are not teens any longer. Finally, the show will allow Robin to move on from the sidekick role of Batman to a more mature Nightwing.

There’s no telling why Robin will turn into Nightwing and for now, fans are going to have to wait for Titans to explain why Dick Grayson makes the change from Robin to Nightwing as the season continues.

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