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The Fruit of Evolution Season 2: Release Date and Latest Updates

Season 2 of The Fruit of Evolution has been officially confirmed. We were ecstatic when we saw Saria discussing the possibility of another season with Seiichi. We now understand why. The anime’s first season was directed by Yoshiaki Okumara at Children’s Playground Entertainment[…]

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New PV Reveals Additional Cast for The Fruit of Evolution Season 2

The second season of the anime “The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Know It, My Life Had It Made” is ready for its arrival in 2023. A new promotional video for the upcoming season divulges more details about it. On Thursday, the official website for the anime series released a second trailer for […]

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Isekai Anime “The Fruit of Evolution” to Stream on Crunchyroll This Week

One upcoming anime that’s making quite a buzz is “The Fruit of Evolution,” a series that doesn’t even pretend to have a serious plot. The story centers around an isekai-ed guy who dates a gorilla and somehow evolves it into a girl. Truthfully, even though the years of isekai anime have made me[…]

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Shinka no Mi’s New Trailer Previews October Release with Utter Hilarity

The upcoming Shinka no Mi anime does not even pretend to have a serious plot. From its latest trailer, you will understand that the series rejoices in its comic environment. I mean, a guy gets isekai-ed then dates a gorilla who later evolves to become a girl. Does any part of this seem thoughtful?