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Rockstar Games ends Rockstar Launcher’s support for Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft had announced the end of life for Windows 7 and 8 and decided to end support for the operating systems. Now, Rockstar has dropped another bomb on Windows 7 and 8. Rockstar Games has decided to end the support for Rockstar Launcher on Windows 7 and 8, starting with the latest version number[…]

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Easy Guide to Sell a Car in Grand Theft Auto 5 – Offline Story Mode

Money is the crowned head in Grand Theft Auto 5. Having some extra cash in your pocket is always beneficial, especially in GTA Online. Hence, if you’re running low on cash, selling your cars might be an option to add some funds to your in-game wallet. Let’s take a look at all the guidelines and […]

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Grand Theft Auto Online introduces three new police vehicles for purchase

As per the reveal trailer of GTA VI, the launch window of 2025 is still over a year away. As a result, developers of Rockstar Games continue to push out new updates and changes to GTA Online, a part of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto Online will now allow players to[…]

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Grand Theft Auto VI file size rumored to be 750GB, says a leaker

Given the absolute secrecy maintained by Rockstar Games regarding the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI, it is remarkable how much information fans have been able to unravel. Unfortunately, we can only figure out whether or not these are indeed true when the much anticipated game finally comes out. A GTA[…]