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10 Must-Watch Kaiju Anime of All Time and Where to Watch Them!

If you are watching anime for quite some time now, you must have come across the word “Kaiju.” For those who are new to anime and wonder what that word means, in Japanese, “Kaiju” means strange beasts. In simple words, creatures like King Kong and Godzilla are known as Kaijus. Kaijus are of different types, but….

Anime Rage of Bahamut Watch Order

Complete Rage of Bahamut Watch Order Guide– Easily Rewatch Rage of Bahamut Anime 

Rage of Bahamut is the epitome of adventure anime. Do you know what else it is the epitome of? The simplest watch order ever.  With just three anime and a few specials and OVAs to its name, Rage of Bahamut boasts a short and sweet watch.  With epic and beautiful battles between humans, gods, and […]