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10 Must-Watch Kaiju Anime of All Time and Where to Watch Them!

If you are watching anime for quite some time now, you must have come across the word “Kaiju.” For those who are new to anime and wonder what that word means, in Japanese, “Kaiju” means strange beasts. In simple words, creatures like King Kong and Godzilla are known as Kaijus. Kaijus are of different types, but….

Anime Rage of Bahamut Watch Order

The Complete Watch Order Guide Of Rage of Bahamut

Rage of Bahamut is the epitome of adventure anime. The story involves gods, humans, and demons but is unlike most of the mystical anime out there. The characters are unique and have elements from the original myth of Bahamut, as well as other legends. There are epic battles with beautiful animation and passionate soundtracks. Rage […]