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Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: Releases New Video Ahead Movie Release

Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Movie: Minna to no Fushigi na Ichinichi is the 13th Pretty Cure All Stars movie, and the 28th Pretty Cure movie to be produced by Toei Animation. It is set around 13 people from 3 generations of “HUG! PreCure ” who work together to protect Miracurun. Precure franchise’s […]

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How To Watch Precure? Easy Watch Order Guide

Precure or Pretty Cure is a mega magical girl anime. It has every single thing you’d expect from a magical girl show. Pretty moe girls, magical artifacts, cute magical animal, and anything you could think of. The series is pretty long and could be called the Gundam of the magical girl genre […]

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10 Loveliest Fairy Anime in 2020 and Where To Watch Them!

Tiny mythical beings with cute wings flapping around with magical powers that are what fairies look like, don’t they? Be it the tooth fairy and whatnot, fairies have been molded into our lives since childhood to make us do something without explaining it in detail. Be it by reading picture books or watching animated movies and….

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Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Movie Premieres In October 2020

All of us have grown up watching superhero cartoons, anime and TV series. Those vibrant superheroes have always sparked a sense of moral justice among us as kids. And as we all know, Japan does not lack in the superhero field. The Pretty Cure series is a franchise of films that features girls who transform […]