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Promising Short Anime Series That You Will Not Regret Watching

Despite your love for anime, sometimes it’s impossible to binge, and If we consider everyone’s hectic schedules watching those 900 episodes, long series is only a dream. It becomes disheartening, especially on weekends where you want to chill and watch some good quality content but can’t find any[…]

Anime Devilman: Crybaby News Ping Pong

Devilman Crybaby & Ping Pong’s Soundtracks Available To Stream

Kensuke Ushio is a Japanese composer and musician of rock and EBM genres. Ushio performs under the alias “agraph.”. He has released three solo albums, all of which are chart-toppers in Japan. Ushio has worked for anime series and movies as well. Some of his celebrated works are Devilman Crybaby, Ping Pong, A Silent Voice, […]

Manga News One Punch Man

One-Punch Man’s Illustrator Recommends THIS Manga to the Readers

Many manga and anime fans nowadays follow stories that came out in the recent past. For example, Haikyuu, Tower of God, TenSura, Demon Slayer, Kengan Omega, among others. While these mangas are amazing in their own right, it is hard to forget timeless classics. Murata, the illustrator for the One Punch Man digital manga, recently […]