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Promising Short Anime Series That You Will Not Regret Watching

Despite your love for anime, sometimes it’s impossible to binge, and If we consider everyone’s hectic schedules watching those 900 episodes, long series is only a dream. It becomes disheartening, especially on weekends where you want to chill and watch some good quality content but can’t find any[…]

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North-American Anime Release Schedule: July 26 – August 1

A lot of material that debuts in Japan doesn’t leave its borders. So otakus outside Japan are always on the lookout for the release of Blu-ray disks of their favorite anime, digital, and print versions of anticipated manga and digital release of anime-inspired games. Going through multiple sources and Twitter accounts to know about these […]

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How to Watch Barakamon anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Some shows don’t need romance or over the top action to grab your attention. The way their stories are presented automatically pulls you into another world, often reminiscent of our own. It is perhaps this similarity that makes such shows so memorable despite their mundane setting. Barakamon is one such anime. The story does not […]