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Perry Mason Episode 7: Release Date, Watch Online, Spoilers

Perry Mason is finally making the jump from the streets as a private detective and straight into the courtroom. He is defending an innocent’s case while his associates are busy finding clues to identify the real culprit. The next episode of the all-new prequel series to the hit 70s soap Perry Mason is coming on […]

HBO News Perry Mason TV Series

Legendary Perry Mason to return for Second Trial on HBO

From a private detective to a criminal attorney fighting very impossible but righteous cases – the story of Perry Mason will continue for yet another season. The prequel series to the original late 70s TV show Perry Mason, has carved a fan following of its own. Premiering in 2020, the first season of the show […]

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Perry Mason Review: Should you watch the HBO mini-series?

Perry Mason has had a strange history of reboots and revivals. The iconic character of Erle Gardner novels, he has been a part of a successful CBS show, several mediocre TV movies, and an unsuccessful revival attempt in the 70s. HBO flips the switch with its noir setting and takes the character in a different […]