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First Teaser for Original Mahjong-Themed Anime ‘Pon no Michi’ is Out

Looks like all the sports anime are taking on less popular games or the ones that are just shown as a hobby. Games like Shogi, Go, and Mahjong are locally popular, especially in Japan, but not as much worldwide. Being indoor games, they are a means of recreation for all ages. ‘Pon no Michi’[…]

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Trinkets: Netflix Releases Preview of Teen Show’s Finale Season

Your favourite shoplifters are returning with another adventure! The second and final season of Netflix’s Trinkets is all set for premiere this month. The streaming service has just released a preview for the return of the series which follows three young shoplifters.  Check out the preview for season two below. Season two of Netflix’s Trinkets will be out […]