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Complete Pokemon Filler Guide: Are They Worth Watching?

Believe it or not, fillers in Pokemon tend to bring about their own horde of adventures, somewhat misaligning from the original plot. A franchise that started in 1997, now has 23 seasons containing 1126 episodes. Out of which, 231 are filler episodes comprising a filler percentage of 21%.

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Pokemon: Does Mewthree exist? Recent Game Rumors Riles up Fans

Mewtwo has a pretty dark history – born from a pregnant Mew, who was found deep in Guyana’s jungles, with its embryo tampered with to alter its DNA. Mew was kidnapped and held in Giovanni’s mansion where a Team Rocket scientist, Blaine, in Tauros the Tyrant performed horrific gene-splicing experiments on the poor creature to […]