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Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!

During the Wano war, we saw some insane displays of power. Not just from captains and Yonkos, but from their crews, especially their commanders. Commanders or officers in One Piece include the crew’s strongest members, the ones who come right below their captains in terms of mental and […]

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One Piece: Is Marco admiral-level? Can he defeat an admiral?

The amount of debate over this topic is insane. Anime-viewers recently saw what Marco is all about in episode 1022. Marco is able to hold off King and Queen together during the Onigashima Raid, proving that he is stronger than both of them – individually, for sure, if not 2v1. So, […]

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‘One Piece Film: Red’ Video Uncovers World Government and Marines Designs

One Piece has been going through a lot and constantly provides its fans with media and merchandise of all kinds. Be it the manga or the anime, both have viewers on the edge of their seats, anticipating what will happen. But even after all this, the franchise’s upcoming movie is getting all the[…]

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The Strongest Right-Hand Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!

Right. We’re talking about the top dogs here, the first mates of the strongest organizations in One Piece. In terms of power hierarchy, these guys are second only to the captain or the leader of their groups, and are in charge of keeping all the other members in line. Some of the commanders […]