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One Piece: Top 15 Greatest First Commanders of All Time, Ranked!

One Piece’s first commanders are often only second in power, brain, and might to their commanding officers. But as first mates, their loyalty to their crew and captains is often the touchstone of their greatness. When talking about raw strength, I have a different ranking for you. It goes […]

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Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!

With One Piece running more than 1000 episodes, we have seen quite many capable swordsmen. From the East Blue to the Land of Wano in the New World, the series showcases some very capable swordsmen who are incredibly skilled in the way of the sword. My favorite pirate […]

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The Strongest Right-Hand Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!

Right. We’re talking about the top dogs here, the first mates of the strongest organizations in One Piece. In terms of power hierarchy, these guys are second only to the captain or the leader of their groups, and are in charge of keeping all the other members in line. Some of the commanders […]

Anime Listicles One Piece

Top 15 Strongest Characters in One Piece, Ranked!

One Piece is one of the anime that I grew up watching, and until it ends, I shall continue to do so. Maybe it’s my attachment to the series, or it’s just something about the OP universe that always engages me to contemplate the characters. Besides, it’s difficult to decipher the real deal amongst the […]