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Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!

During the Wano war, we saw some insane displays of power. Not just from captains and Yonkos, but from their crews, especially their commanders.

Commanders or officers in One Piece include the crew’s strongest members, the ones who come right below their captains in terms of mental and physical power. They are generally their captains’ most loyal and trusted members, the highest ones called first mates/first commanders.

In this list, I include all the best commanders of the strongest crews in the current One Piece world.

20. Mr. 3: Officer, Buggy Pirates

Mr. 3 or Galdino is a commander of the Buggy Pirates, and is one of the more powerful members of the crew.

Ever since Buggy became a Yonko, it’s made me look differently at his crewmates; they’ve got to have done something massive to have helped Buggy actually become an Emperor of the Sea.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Mr. 3 | Source: Fandom

Mr. 3 was an officer agent of Baroque Works and then became part of Buggy’s Delivery.

He escaped during the Impel Down riots due to his skills as a master tactician. He could bypass the surveillance of Level 5 of Impel Down and avoid Aokiji’s Devil Fruit powers.

His own Doru Doru no Mi Paramecia Devil Fruit enables him to create and control wax, making it sometimes stronger than steel. It has also proved resilient to Magellan’s poison.

19. Killer: Combatant, 1st Commander, Kid Pirates

“Massacre Soldier” Killer is part of the Worst Generation like his captain, and is one of the 12 pirates infamous for their actions against the World Government.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Killer | Source: Fandom

Killer is formerly Orochi’s secret assassin. Orochi gave him the artificial Zoan Devil Fruit, SMILE, but despite it, Killer is an extremely powerful pirate and a boon to Kid’s crew. His twin Punisher scythes also act as chainsaws that can damage bone.

He fought with Zoro in Wano, and was able to briefly stun Emperor Kaido. He also faced Big Mom and defeated her homie Napoleon, later beating Basil Hawkins.

Zoro vs Killer(Kamazou) Beast Mode, three-sword style! Rengoku Onigiri! | One Piece[Eng Sub]
Zoro vs Killer(Kamazou) Beast Mode, three-sword style! Rengoku Onigiri! | One Piece[Eng Sub]

Killer has endured Rayleigh’s Haki which is a huge feat in itself.

18. Charlotte Cracker: Sweet Commander, Big Mom Pirates

“Thousand Arms” Cracker is Yonko Big Mom’s 15th child, and is one of the Big Mom Pirates’ 3 Sweet Commanders. He is Totto Land’s Minister of Biscuits and the governor of Biscuits Island.

onepiece Luffy Defeats cracker with one blow[ep806]
onepiece Luffy Defeats cracker with one blow[ep806]

He was tasked by Big Mom herself to take on Luffy on Whole Cake Island and was strong enough to fight evenly with Gear 4 Luffy, who had just beaten Doflamingo. His Advanced Armament Haki was so strong that it could cut through Luffy’s Haki and Devil Fruit-strengthened arm.

Cracker’s Paramecia-type Bisu Bisu no Mi lets him control and create weapons made of biscuits, which is actually more impressive than it sounds.  

17. Charlotte Smoothie: Sweet Commander, Big Mom Pirates

Smoothie is Yonko Big Mom’s 35th child and is one of the Big Mom Pirates’ 3 Sweet Commanders. She is Totto Land’s Minister of Juice, and the governor of 100% Island.

She is a human hybrid from the Longleg tribe, like her siblings, Citron and Cinnamon. This means she has legs for days, and can probably kick as hard as Sanji.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Charlotte Smoothie | Source: Fandom

Smoothie’s Paramecia-type Devil Fruit lets her extract liquid from living and non-living beings, which she can consume herself to become stronger.

She can not only wring people like clothes to squeeze them dry, but also squeeze venomous liquids from her own body, as she does Vinsmoke Reiju’s poison.

16. Sanji: Cook, Straw Hat Pirates

Sanji is a member of the Monster Trio, and one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates. He also has the third highest bounty after Luffy and Jinbe, although I think when Oda reveals the post-Wano bounties, Zoro might be higher.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Sanji | Source: IMDb

Sanji doesn’t have a Devil Fruit, but makes up for it with his genetic enhancements, which, during his battle with Queen, were fully awakened.

Sanji abandoned his Raid Suit, and relied on his innate strength, which was enough to actually defeat and fling Queen off Onigashima island.

Sanji’s Black Leg Style is unique to him and can be enhanced further with Advanced Armament Haki. His mastery over Observation Haki, is so precise, that he was able to dodge Katakuri’s attacks, who is himself one of the best users of Haki.

15. Jack: Lead Performer, Beasts Pirates

Jack the Drought, one of Yonko Kaido’s 3 All-Stars or Calamity, the fourth strongest member of the Beasts Pirates.

His Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit lets him turn into a mammoth at will. This is especially dangerous given that Jack is a Fishman, which means he is already way stronger than a human.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Jack | Source: Fandom

Jack was able to sink 2 out of the 4 Marine ships in the government fleet. He was only defeated because the ship contained former fleet admiral, Sengoku, admiral Fujitora, and vice-admirals Tsuru, Bastille, and Maynard.

He fought Inuarshi and Nekomamushi, the strongest Minks, for 5 days and 5 nights without a break; it took 2 of them to defeat him in their Sulong forms.

14. Jinbe: Helmsman, Straw Hat Pirates

It’s not a secret that Jinbe is one of the most powerful members of Luffy’s crew. The Knight of the Sea, was a former Warlord, former captain of the Sun Pirates, and former member of the Big Mom Pirates. In addition, he is the strongest Fishman of all time in One Piece.

Within the water, he’s unbeatable due to his mastery of Fishman Karate and Jujutsu. Even on land, he’s formidable.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Jinbe | Source: IMDb

He battled Ace, a Fire Logia, on land for 5 days, attacked Yonko Big Mom, resisted Admiral Akainu’s Magma Punch, and killed Tobi Roppo’s Who’s Who.

Very few can beat Jinbe when it comes to stamina, durability, and endurance.

13. Shiryu: Captain of the Second Ship, Blackbeard Pirates

Shiryu of the Rain is one of Yonko Blackbeard’s 10 Titanic Captains, and one of his strongest crewmates. Shiryu seems stronger than Burgess, who many people think is Blackbeard’s 1st commander, but I think it’s Shiryu.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Shiryu | Source: Fandom

He is the former head warden at Impel Down who used to slaughter prisoners for fun. Even before the timeskip, Shiryu was already as strong as Magellan. Now, being a Yonko commander, Shiryu has definitely upped his game.

His Suke Suke no Mi gives him the power of invisibility, which is exactly the sneaky, dastardly ability Blackbeard would appreciate. He combines this power with his swordsmanship to slice his enemies.

12. Queen: Lead Performer, Beasts Pirates

Queen the Plague is one of Yonko Kaido’s 3 All-Stars or Calamity, the third strongest member of the Beasts Pirates.

Queen is a scientist and was part of the MADS research team that sought to discover the blueprints of life itself. His cybernetic modifications rival that of Vegapunk and his cyber-weapons are as strong as Germa technology.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Queen | Source: Fandom

Queen was the creator of the Ice Oni virus that threatened to turn half of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance into ice zombies.

Queen’s Ancient Zoan Ryu Ryu no Mi lets him turn into a full or hybrid Brachiosaurus, which when combined with his powerful Haki, is more than enough to keep up against the likes of Marco the Phoenix.

11. Yasopp: Sniper, Red Hair Pirates

Yasopp the Chaser has got to be one of Shanks’s strongest guys. Being a Yonko officer, we can assume that Yasopp is going to soon show us what he’s worth.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Yasopp | Source: Fandom

He is Usopp’s dad, and is probably the best marksman in the series. He can shoot the antenna of an ant from 100 feet away. Legend says that Yasopp has never once missed his aim.

He has a flintlock pistol and a musket, and definitely has a decently powerful control on Haki being part of the Red Hair Pirates.

10. Lucky Roux: Combatant, Red hair Pirates

Lucky Roux is best known for being the one who found the Gomu Gomu no Mi, better known now as the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, the Devil Fruit of Luffy aka Joy Boy himself.

He is Shanks’s most trusted officers, along with Beckman and Yasopp.

Lucky Roo shoots and kills mountain bandit who threatens Shanks
Lucky Roo shoots and kills mountain bandit who threatens Shanks

Despite his build, Roux has incredible speed and stealth. He, too, carries a flintlock like Yasopp and has immense Haki skills.

The reason Yasopp and Lucky Roux are so high on the list is because Shanks’s crew is implied to be the strongest Yonko crew. With Big Mom and Kaido out of the game, it looks like the Red Hair Pirates are soon going to get their moment to show their strengths.

For this reason, they are in the middle of my list. With new manga chapters coming out, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Shanks and his crew soon.

9. Sabo: Chief-of-staff, Revolutionary Army

Sabo is the second-in-command of one of the 3 major world powers. He’s the first commander, so to speak, after Monkey D. Dragon, the Supreme Leader of the Army.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Sabo | Source: IMDb

He consumed his late brother Ace’s Devil Fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi, and is thus the carrier of his will. In chapter 1054, it is revealed that Sabo is being called the Emperor of Flames around the world because of the technique of the fruit.

He was able to rescue Kuma under the noses of the World Government, right in Mary Geoise itself, escaping Ryokugyu and Fujitora with his men.

8. Zoro, Combatant, 1st Commander, Straw Hat Pirates

Zoro is Luffy’s first mate, and the strongest amongst the crew after his captain.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Zoro | Source: Fandom

The biggest indicator of this is Zoro’s massive Conqueror’s Haki, which he drained, along with his Armament Haki into his 3 swords – Ichimonji, Kitetsu, and Enma – to defeat King, Kaido’s strongest man. This gained him the title of the King of Hell.

He spent 2 years training with Mihawk, the greatest swordsman in the world, and currently is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the series.

7. Charlotte Katakuri: 1st Commander/Sweet Commander, Big Mom Pirates

Katakuri is the strongest of the 3 Sweet Commanders and Yonko Big Mom’s second-in-command.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Katakuri | Source: IMDb

He is one of the few people in the world who can use all 3 types of Haki, being especially skilled at Observation Haki, with which he can see seconds into the future.

Katakuri not just has powerful Haki, but also a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit similar in property to Luffy’s. The Mochi-Mochi lets him convert inorganic material into mochi and morph his own body into it.

Katakuri vs Sanji. (One piece episode 832)
Katakuri vs Sanji. (One piece episode 832)

Katakuri has never lost a single battle – until he faced Straw Hat Luffy.

6. King: 1st Commander/Lead Performer, Beasts Pirates

King the Wildfire is the strongest member of Kaido’s crew and is his second-in-command.

He is a Lunarian by birth, which gives him the genetic power to control and create fire. King consumed the same Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit as Queen, but his fruit model allows him to turn into a flying dinosaur, i.e., a huge and scary Pteranodon.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
King | Source: Fandom

King is also extremely skilled at Haki, including Conqueror’s Haki. At three-quarters his strength and with Queen’s help, he was almost able to defeat Marco.

5. Ryokugyu: Marine Admiral

Ryokugyu aka Aramaki, also known as Greenbull, is one of the 3 admirals of the Marines. He stepped in to replace Kuzan after Punk Hazard, when Akainu was promoted to Fleet Admiral.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Ryokugyu | Source: Fandom

Ryokugyu recently entered the scene in Wano, and chapter 1054 revealed that he has the Logia-type Mori Mori no Mi. He can create, control, and transform his body into roots and branches, with which he can suck out nutrients from living and non-living beings. He literally sucks King and Queen dry.

Doflamingo called Ryokugyu and Fujitora “true beasts in terms of power”. Ryokugyu is confident enough to hijack the celebrations in Wano and take Luffy’s head.

4. Fujitora: Marine Admiral

Fujitora or Issho is part of the 3 admirals under Akainu. He along with Ryokugyu were appointed to fill Aokiji and Akainu’s position as admirals.

He’s as strong as Ryokugyu and a proponent of Humane Justice. Fujitora is blind, but instead of this hindering him in combat, it actually aids his Observation Haki by attuning his inner senses.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Fujitorae | Source: IMDb

He can actually see the world through his Haki – not just see, but predict. He can avoid fast unexpected attacks due to his Haki, like the kick from Doffy.

His Paramecia Zushi Zushi no Mo lets him manipulate gravity. This is an insane power no matter the franchise, but we haven’t yet seen Fujitora go all out. His ability is said to be able to impact whole islands, like we saw in Dressrosa.

3. Marco: Doctor, 1st Commander, Whitebeard Pirates

Marco the Phoenix is the former first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, second only to Whitebeard himself. After his captain’s death, he took his place until the crew was disbanded.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Marco | Source: Fandom

He’s extremely proficient in Armament Haki and can imbue his legs with it to make them extra powerful – he threw Kizaru and Kuzan yards away with a simple kick.

But Marco’s Mythical Zoan Tori Tori no Mo, Model: Phoenix is what secures his place on rank #3. It gives him the ability to regenerate infinitely and recover from any attack, no matter how potent.

Marco Vs King and Queen | One Piece 1014

In Wano, he fought against Lead Performers King and Queen at the same time, while healing injured samurai and looking out for Chopper, Zoro, and Hyogoro.

2. Kizaru: 1st Commander, Marine Admiral

Kizaru aka Borsalino is fleet admiral Akainu’s right-hand-man. He’s the only remaining member of the previous admiral trio alongside Aokiji and Akainu.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Kizaru | Source: Fandom

Kizaru’s Logia-type Pika Pika no Mi is potentially an insanely powerful Devil Fruit. It allows him to become light and manipulate it. He is possibly the fastest character in the series, but his light is literally blinding as well.

His Haki is strong enough to have rivaled Whitebeard’s. Kizaru has fought the majority of the commanders on this list and this makes his rank well-deserved.

1. Benn Beckman: 1st commander, Red Hair Pirates

Benn Beckman is currently the strongest commander in One Piece. He is the first mate of Shanks, the strongest Yonko. He has the highest IQ in East Blue, and definitely some unusually strong Haki. Due to his implied position in canon, it’s safe to say he’s the most powerful commander.

Top 20 Strongest Commanders in One Piece, Ranked!
Benn Beckman | Source: Fandom

Beckman also has a really high bounty, but this hasn’t yet been seen.

He single-handedly destroyed Higuma, the mountain bandit along with his crew simply by flinging his rifle like a club.

In Marineford, he sneaked up and stopped Kizaru in his tracks by his mere presence. Kizaru couldn’t sense him despite his Observation Haki.

While Beckman’s abilities are not yet known, just his position as Yonko’s first mate is enough to name him the strongest commander in One Piece.

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