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Kadokawa Promises an Increase in Production with 40 Anime Titles Per Year!

KADOKAWA, the Japanese media conglomerate, has been taking some bold steps lately to solidify its business. From manga and light novel publication to anime production, the company has become a significant force in revitalizing Japanese culture. With its sale in the anime area picking up in the[…]

Manga News Rising of the Shield Hero

A Day in the Life of a Shield Hero Spinoff Manga Concludes!

What will you do if you are transported to a different world? Will you adapt to a new lifestyle to survive, or will you desperately try to find your way back? The isekai genre gives us an answer to all these questions. The Rising of the Shield Hero is an isekai light novel which began […]

Anime Deca-Dence News

Deca-Dence: Anime Reveals Episode 1 Screenshots & Plot

Deca-Dence is an upcoming anime series of the science-fiction genre. It presents a blend of action and sci-fi. For those who can’t get enough of dystopian anime, this might be just for you. Kadokawa released the promotional trailer for the anime on their Youtube channel on 12th June. The trailer shows Natsume having a mechanized […]