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Kadokawa Promises an Increase in Production with 40 Anime Titles Per Year!

KADOKAWA, the Japanese media conglomerate, has been taking some bold steps lately to solidify its business. From manga and light novel publication to anime production, the company has become a significant force in revitalizing Japanese media culture.

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With its sale in the anime area picking up in the past year, the company will now focus on producing more anime. This means that we will be getting guaranteed new titles, and we cannot be any less happy about it!

Kadokawa has just announced its goals till March 2023. The primary point being that Kadokawa will strengthen its animation business. To do this, the company wants to produce 40 animated titles every year by 2023.

The company produces 33 titles in a fiscal year, and achieving 40 titles per year means an increase in production by 20%.

Some of the measures to achieve the expansion of the animation business were:

  • Strengthening the anime production system.
  • Expanding license revenue.
  • Expansion of sales of anime-related games.
  • Business relations with CyberAgent and Sony Group to be strengthened.

Kadokawa plans to create a “world-class 3DCG production studio” and gather the world’s best creators to boost anime production. We already know that the demand for 3DCG anime is increasing. Netflix has already released several such anime titles recently.

The company has also been expanding its eBook sales of manga and light novels. It recently acquired the J-Novel publishing company. J-Novel Club will be collaborating with BookWalker to expand and increase the sale of manga and light novels.

With major plans in action already, Kadokawa is ready to step deeper into the anime industry. The 40 anime titles plan will include not only anime series but also movies and OVAs. It is a win-win situation for all of us otakus!

Source: Kadokawa

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