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Top 10 Must-Watch Detective Anime Of All Time & Where To Watch Them!

Arthur Conan Doyle, with his creation of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, introduced us to the world of a detective that made us fall in love with solving mysteries. Inspired by his stories, many fictions have been brought into this world, including anime, which kept us intrigued by the detective genre forever. Detective is someone […]

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Id:Invaded Season 2 – Release Date, News & Story

Id:Invaded, a virtual playground for the mind, used by detectives to solve cases by diving into the conscience of criminals. It is a riveting story packed with mind-boggling puzzles and the well-curated dialogues that is bound to amaze anyone. Id:Invaded is, in many ways, a great contender to compete against the popular crime series – […]

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ID: INVADED Will Stream on Funimation by January

Previously revealed in the October issue of Kadokawa’s Young Ace Magazine, ID: INVADED will have a manga adaptation titled ID: INVADED #BRAKE BROKEN. The manga made its debut in the October 4th issue. As for the anime, the wait is over as Funimation announced on Sunday that it will be airing the anime starting January […]